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Eraser shavings make me sneeze..

Just joined.. I'm Tiffany, and I love to write poetry. So, I thought I'd share this one with you. Hope you enjoy it.

The Heart's Song

It seems mysterious to see
How much you’ve grown on me
I can’t get through a single day
I think of you in many ways
These mixed emotions that I feel
Confuse me about what is real

My mind it asks me many things
Like why it is my heart does sing
The song has many different beats
And words that say I’ll never cheat
They promise not to ever lie
Or say bad things to make you cry

The melody it sounds so sweet
It always keeps me on my feet
Even with all you’ve said to me
I’m still unsure of what we’ll be
Perhaps we’ll be together one day
A relationship without dismay

Do you have a song in you,
That sings about what you do?
Does it ever play for me?
What is it that you believe?
Will I always make you smile?
Be part of your heart for awhile

These songs that come from within
Are where everything seems to begin
The best just sing what is true
And mine says that I love you
Maybe a duet with both of us
I know that this is more than lust

Copyright TMW 2004
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